Swag Bags & Registration

Swag Bags

Swag bags have become all the rage over the past decade, from award shows to college Bowl Games. Why? Because they let your clients do the legwork for you! Something as simple as a branded T-shirt or water bottle can be seen by hundreds of individuals outside of your event, and can get you more attention for months afterwards. We at Las Vegas Media can produce, design, and assemble the perfect swag bag for your company or new product. From coffee tumblers to clothing, mouse pads to pens, we can tastefully emblazon your logo or company name across a variety of products. Extend your event’s advertising reach exponentially, and keep reminding your client of the fantastic night they had at your company function.

Getting your swag bag items to Vegas can also be a hassle and a costly endeavor. With so many pieces coming from different sources, it is easy for things to arrive late, or be unavailable in the Vegas area. Let us at Las Vegas Media take some of the load off. You can drop-ship your items to us directly, and we will assemble and account for every little piece in your swag bag. We will also turn these various items into an aesthetically pleasing gift set, rather than a mishmash of items randomly put into a bag. Let us make your swag bag a presentation in itself, rather than the sum of its parts.

Registration is an oft-overlooked facet of events, and can cause a litany of errors if not handled correctly. We at Las Vegas Media can provide experienced staff that knows how to deal with clients and manage the intricacies of the first impression. Most casinos have registrations desk areas available in the foyer areas near the ballroom entrances, but tables can be easily added if this is not the case. Las Vegas Media’s professional registration desk staff can assist with checking-in attendees, organizing name badges, swag bag management, and more. It may seem cost-efficient to use your own skeleton crew, but a misplaced badge or incorrect swag bag can turn-off attendees and prospective clients. Save the stress and risk of potential errors by getting Las Vegas Media to handle your first point of contact.